Top Best Password Cracking Techniques Used By Hackers 2019

#1 Dictionary Attack
Dictionary Attack: Best Password Cracking Techniques Used By Hackers
Dictionary attack is a technique used by most of the regular hackers to determine the passphrase by trying their luck many times. Unlike its name, it works like a dictionary it is just a simple file which contains some unusual words that many people use as their password it is one of the easy ways to hack into anyone’s account. But putting up a tough password can beat this attack.
#2 Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attack: Best Password Cracking Techniques Used By Hackers 2019
The main motto of Brute force attack is to crack passwords. It will try its level best and try every possible combination until the password is found. But nowadays, people are smarter, so the growing size of passwords is making Brute Force attack difficult to crack any password. It is much similar to Dictionary attack it is something like the upgraded version of Dictionary attack.
#3 Phishing
Phishing is the easiest method used by …

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