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A password is a word or string of characters used for user authentication to prove identity. It  protects document. You can prevent unauthorized access with the help of it.
Almost every services need to set up a separate username and password. If you have to work on computer then you have to manage as many as 1000 or more passwords.
Researchers estimate that half of us use weak passwords and other half re-use fewer passwords across all over online accounts

simple, unsafe and easy-to-remember passwords are easy to break. When we re-use the same password, cyber criminals harvest it from services that have been breached and then use automated tools to decide what other services this passwords will unlock.
For this reason, it is essential to use a separate, unique and strong password for each different online account.
Then you need a safe way to record and access these passwords or you have to make a trick to remember these passwords. Otherwise you will not be able to gain access to your accounts!
So what can you do ?

Password Manager

A password manager will enhance your safety and make your online life easier. Most ot it have paid and free version of their software. They also offer two-step verification security. The free version covers all your devices like computer, smart phone, tablets etc.
Some options are:
Dashlane: It’s a paid version, Dashlane Premium costs $39.99 per year and covers all your devices and free version works on only one device.
Last Pass: It has also two version. Last Pass premium costs $12 per year and can be used on unlimited number of devices.
There are many more device like
Pass Word
Kee Pass

Mnemonic Password:

The Encrypted Pocketbook of Passwords is a physical password journal that uses secret keys, so even if the book is stolen , the thief would still be unable to guess your pass words, unless he or she knew your secret keys. This book conveys:
Each account of any value must have a unique and separate password.
It is okay to write most of each password, as long as you don’t write out enough of each one that the missing piece can be guessed.
You also need to keep any written information as secure as possible
Most thieves know that passwords are usually written and kept within 3 feet of the device so you should be aware. You should keep any physical journal ad hidden as possible. I also recommend keeping 2 journals , so if one is stolen or missing, the back up can be used to recover and change the passwords.

Create Goal Setting Password:

Goal Setting Passwords strategy creates a strong but memorable passcode that works very well when you need to change your passcode regularly. Not only will this method help you remember your password, but every time you type it,  you”ll reinforc your goal too.
Some examples:
Your_or_characters_uppercase vlower case letters ex:-SuNeO@1234

Eat more fruits and vegetables ~ 3@t>fruit& v3g3t@bl3s

Mnemonic Passwords:
Mnemonic is a ideas, a pattern of letters or associations that help in remembering something. Recall that when you were a student you will use this method to remember things like the colour of the spectrum, order of the element in periodic table. If you can remember these catches phrases, you can recall a strong password.
To start, you first need to pick a phrase – lyrics from a favorite song, a line from a poem or prayer or any phrase you can remember.
Let’s say you pick the poem
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are” .
You take the first letter from each word in the phrase and get:
It is strong than “123456” . But you have to need to add some strength by adding some special characters, symbols, numbers, uppercase letters :
Now you have a password that’s tough for hackers to break but still easy to remember.

Another tips for passwords:
Long Passwords that use random words are stronger than using 8-12 characters that include lot of random characters.
For example:  !@fgh5yr it could be cracked within a few minutes. But
takes days or even week to crack due to its length.
So create strong unique and long password for every online access.
Choose any tactics to create your online passwords , to remember it, and to recall it at any time.
If this topic helps you to make and remember  Passwords for your online accounts , then share your experience.


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-sunilkumar choudari


WHATSAPP GROUP: https://chat.whatsapp…

Spam messages with suspicious link detection feature in whatsapp.

Spam messages with suspicious link detection feature in whatsapp.
This new feature in Whatstapp is very dangerous!

Whatsapp Suspicious link detection

Particularly in Watsup, many dangerous links are circular today. Clicking on them will be in danger. For instance, the F Big Bajar company is offering a shoping vocher worth of 5000 rupees in the case of 17th anniversary , and a message will be circular in Whatsapp. See how the official website link will be viewed, as well as the link looks the same way most people click on it blindly before thinking back.

It's also a phishing attack that will steal your personal information immediately. In many cases, the most popular type of business companies and websites are circled by many dangerous links via Whatsapp. The newly launched Suspicious Link Detection has been introduced to Watsup to prevent this. Whatsapp Beta 2.18.206 version is available for users who use it.

Whatsapp will now see each link that is shared by Whatsapp, and closely …