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How can hackers hack your Facebook account? How can we prevent them?

How can hackers hack your Facebook account? How can we prevent them?

How Hackers Can HackYour Facebook AccountHow can we prevent them?
-Sunilkumar choudari 
Hackers use different methods of hacking Facebook passwords of victims Today I will tell you what hackers are hacking yourFacebook account with you and how do you protect yourself from these hacks.
1. Facebook fishing

Phishing is a popular way in facebook accounthacking. In phishing , the hacker creates a fake login page or builds a clone of facebook login page that looks like a real Facebook page. In the next step in facebook , the hacker asks the victim to log in via the fake phishing webpage, the victim username and password on the  computer .
→ How to protect yourself from Facebookphishing?
 Do not log in to your Facebook account on another computer.
Always avoid emails asking to log in to your Facebook account in the new tab.
Do not open any spam on your message box or by your friend by SMS .
 * Always use the Chrome browser , the chrome phishing page will be recognized.
* Use Anti Virus on your computer.
Make sure     you're on and search the web address twice.
2. Key logging

    Key logging is one of the easiest ways to hack the password of the Facebook account.Key Logger is a small software or programming language it is a victim computer and the type of victims of his computer that everything this program has recorded.
How to protect yourself from keyloggers
* Install a good antivirus on your computer.
   Do not log into your Facebook account on another computer.
 * Always download free software from trusted websites
Never download from untrusted sources or get the software.
 * Always scan a pen drive for the virus
 View saved password from browser
As you know when we log into the new account in our browser , the computer will ask you to save this username and password on the computer. Anyone can view your Facebook account in your browser in your browser.
The URL is going in your Chrome browser, you'll see a username and password.
chrome: // settings / passwords
→ How to protect yourself from this hack?
Never save your login password in your web browser.
Secure your chrome browser password.
 Always use strong password on your computer.
3. Mobile phone hacking

Usually , we have our facebook password from our mobile phone
If someone installs monitored applications on our phone. Monitor
With applications , hackers
Access and read all of your SMS
 He can reset your facebook password in just seconds.
facebook How to save you from mobile phone hacking ?
* Always install a good antivirus on your mobile phone.
* Never install unknown applications on your phone.
4. Social Engineering

Social engineering is a common attack by a hacker , a hacker in this manner
Information about victims can be collected. 
The victim is her date of birth ,   mobile number, girl friend name, vehicle number, vehicle numbers, any company or school names 
If you use a simple password like , good hacker can easily access your password
 You can hack your Facebook account in advance.
How do you protect yourself from social engineering attack?
   Whenever you have any regular password password in your Facebook account
Never write your Facebook account in any paper but in the  books .
Many people use the same website on different websites , many more
 Do not use the same password on websites.
 Generate a strong password from the random password website 
5. If your email account comes into hacking.

First and foremost the hacker then hacked your email account
 facebook account password will be reset.
So how do you protect yourself from email hacking?
In your email account or GMAIL account 
 Two authentication verification or  two step verification enabled
When enabled ,
No one can open your Gmail account without your mobile OTP
 Use strong password in your email.
Source code 
On facebook website login pages , you can not search the source in your browser
 Masked passwords (******) can be seen by changing the text input type. 
This method works in all new browsers. 
Never leave your PC with a sign up page .
Anyone can find your facebook password by this method.
Save yourself from this attack.
 Never save your facebook password on your web browser.
6. Tabaning.

Now a days you get to see , with your facebook account  
Some websites will sign up with your facebook id. 
Many websites create a fake login page 
And asks you to enter your Facebook username and password.
The hacker has created a fake website in this hacking process 
 You will be asked to sign up from your Facebook account.
How do you protect yourself from Tabnapping ?
Avoid signup from the Facebook account ,
Always use trusted websites.
Avoid spyware and freeware software.
Games are available online as free
 Playing games on all websites is not okay.
7. Simple logout scenario.

Many users have a Facebook ID from the computer
  Will not log out. Anyone when you leave your computer
Access your Facebook account.
Finally logout your Facebook account when you leave your computer alone   .



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-sunilkumar choudari


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