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Central government Warns to WhatsApp, Asks It To Stop Circulation Explosive Messages.

Recent developments for Whatsapp, which are expected to benefit from its huge user base in India, have become a big headache. whatsapp is making efforts to bring the Whatsapp Payments Service to Indian consumers for a long time.

But when the matter came to a collision, the unexpected conditions surrounded Whatsapp.the latest meeting of the Union IT Secretary and Whatsapp representatives came up with a number of issues.

The central government has warned them to make tougher arrangements to tighten the Fake News, which is pre-Whatsapp earlier than Whatsapp Payments. the IT department has already warned Watsap twice in this regard. Nevertheless, Whatsapp did not take any correctional actions except minor changes.

However, there is no doubt that newcomers to Watsap in the form of Fake News will be happy for companies such as Paytm to delay their Whatsapp Payments temporarily.

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WhatsApp -has rolled out a brand new set of emoji to some users.   This is the first time the messaging app has designed its own. Until now, it had used Apple’s emoji on both Android and iOS versions of the app.  WhatsApp’s redesigned emoji have, however, clearly been inspired by Apple’s.
On the whole, WhatsApp’s versions look slightly bolder and more cartoonish, but in most cases, the differences between them are minimal.  The water pistol has turned from green to orange, for instance, and the new poo emoji looks slightly plumper than the old one. That can be seen as a positive, though, as users’ favourites will still be instantly recognisable . 
Emojipedia-which spotted the new emoji first, goes as far as saying: “It appears that the brief for this project may have been ‘take Apple's emojis, and change them enough so we can call them our own.’” 
That said, WhatsApp has introduced a number of emoji that aren’t yet avail…

how to change folders colours in windows

            Change folder colors in Windows


Ever get tired seeing a sea of yellow folders on your machine ? Whether you like different colors, folder organization or just plain customization, there would have come a time when you would’ve gotten bored with the monotonous nature of the windows explorer. Mac OS fortunately allows its users to make changes to folders, but Windows lacks it. Fortunately for us though, we live in the internet age. So when users asked for a way to change folder colors and style, Microsoft may not have heard, but quite a few other people did. Quite a few software now exist, that will let you change the color and style of the folder icons. Today, we show you one of these – Folderico.

First thing you’ll need, is the software itself. You can download it from the following   Once downloaded, unzip the file. Once it is installed successfully. Click on Finish Button then go to Folderico folder and double click on folderico.exe file.

WhatsApp is building a local team as part of steps to check fake news circulation.

Fake news, which recently circulates through Whatsapp, has lost many lives across the country. We have seen all the suspicions of what's true and what has been found to be false in many parts of the country. The Department of Information Technology has strongly warned Whatsapp that the Fake News should not be circumvented by Whatsapp.

However, Watsap has not been able to do anything better than ever before, forwards to have a Forwarded label, forwards and forwarding messages to newsletters across the country, limiting only one to five. On the other hand, Whatsapp officials have revealed that a special team will be set up to monitor Indian activities in view of the pressure coming from the government.

Whatsapp is currently going to create two posts, Head of India and Head of Policy. Thereafter, some of them will have a chance to be appointed. But the Indian government strongly demands the Whatsap company to provide a way to get a watched message from where it started. Only then is th…



A kernel is the core component of an operating system. Using interprocess communication and system calls, it acts as a bridge between applications and the data processing performed at the hardware level.

When an operating system is loaded into memory, the kernel loads first and remains in memory until the operating system is shut down again. The kernel is responsible for low-level tasks such as disk management, task management and memory management.
A computer kernel interfaces between the three major computer hardware components, providing services between the application/user interface and the CPU, memory and other hardware I/O devices.

The kernel provides and manages computer resources, allowing other programs to run and use these resources. The kernel also sets up memory address space for applications, loads files with application code into memory, sets up the execution…


sunilumar choudari

How to reset BIOS settings to default on your computer.?

BIOS which is called as the Basic Input and Output System is the basic system behind our PCs and laptops booting process. Our systems very normally and casually perform the boot process every time we switch on our devices. But what if something corrupts this process and prohibits our system from booting, this may turn into a terrifying problem as you don’t actually know how to proceed when your computer doesn’t start at all. There may be a number of reasons for this problem, and if you ever happen to encounter this kind of a situation, here are the simple steps that you can try to reset your BIOS settings
You need to turn on the computer first and then keep on tapping either F2, F12, or delete key to access the BIOS or UEFI. UEFI is the newer version of BIOSand it offersOnce you see that open, you can see the option Setup Defaults at the bottom, click F9 which works many PCs, then it will ask for confirmation, …