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Why C is The Default Drive in Windows?

Why C is The Default Drive in Windows?


A question that has bothered almost everyone of us at some point of time has been answered

Computers, which were thought as a luxury few years ago are now a necessity. Computers are making lives easier for almost everyone. Windows is a dominant OS used by majority of computer users. Actually it is used mostly in fields where computers have to be used for non technical tasks.(And hence those trolls on Facebook, describing how Linux wins).

There are many things which are usually ignored, And the question on naming of default drive in Windows is one of them. It could be anything if it had to be C as it does not follow any order. Logically A should be the default drive.
Then why? why did Windows do this?

Actually the reason is something historical. And it is related to the classic floppy drives . Before hard disks became standard(1980), floppy disks were used for booting the computers. These were available in two sizes at that time: 5 1/4 ” and 3 1/2?.

Those two floppy disk drives were labelled as Local Disk (A) and Local Disk (B). After the invention of Hard disk, floppy disk of size 8 inch came into existence. The hard disk drive was named C. Once hard disks became standard and floppy disks became obsolete, the drive names A and B vanished. As a result , drives other than default drive (C) labelled as D, E etc. DVD drive and USB drive are labelled as F, G and so on.

This is the answer of our question.

Despite of all this, you can rename your default it to whatever letter you want( if no other drive is present with same alphabet as its name) if you have administrative rights.

If you have one such question that you think has been ignored for a long time and should be searched for answers, you can post it here in the comments.

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In a computer, a jumper is a pair of prongs that are electrical contact points set into the computer motherboard or an adapter card . When you set a jumper, you place a plug on the prongs that completes a contact.

In effect, the jumper acts as a switch by closing (or opening) an electrical circuit. Jumpers can be added or removed to change the function or performance of a PC component. A group of jumpers is sometimes called a jumper block .

The plug and play initiative was designed so that users did not have to deal with jumpers. Today, computers come with preset jumpers, although some manufacturers provide jumper settings in the instruction manual so that the owner can reset the jumpers if they want to customize performance.

In electronic test equipment, a jumper cable is used to make a temporary contact between two points for the purpose of testing a circuit

-sunilkumar choudari


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