Micro soft lower cost ipad killer...!

Surface laptop cum tablets are possibly the tech giant Microsoft’s biggest successes in hardware marketing. After the success in Surface Pro, some rumours point to the arrival of a new entry-level version. The tech giant Microsoft has, with Surfaces, tried to dominate the market for professional tablets, seeking to provide a productivity tool for those who work on the move. If at first, the RT models did not have a great future, much due to their limitations, quickly the Pro models took control of the reins and began to gain prominence and relief.

However, according to some rumours, the American brand may be thinking of relying on cheaper models to combat competition, like iPad Pro. The arrival of cheaper Surface is expected
After betting on cheaper models, such as the RT and Surface 3, the tech giant Microsoft abandoned its marketing because of the poor sales volume. The Pro models have thus taken on sales and have maintained their success to this day.

With the increase in competition, the American giant, of course, Microsoft may be considering reformulating its strategy. With the launch of a low-cost iPad and the generation of Chromebooks, with a focus on the student market, the tech giant Microsoft begins to feel limitations in the price of its current range of tablets. That’s why, according to some rumours, a new entry-level tablet may soon be ready to make the brand more competitive. With a 10-inch screen, a USB Type-C connector for charging, 9 to 10 hours of power, less weight and LTE option, the new Surface Low-cost may be available with configurations between 64 and 128 GB of storage and with a cost of around $400. The launch is expected to be in the second half of 2018.

After a failed bet on this type of equipment, the tech giant Microsoft considers that the time has come to relaunch these models to reach a more specific target audience.