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LET Me tell u why Windows PC is better than Mac pc
> Gaming on PCs is better:  Gaming has a long history with Pc, many people buy expensive Pc for gaming.PC as the same price as Mac book can easily run all new games available in the store.Pc also have the majority of games that aren’t even available on Mac.Mac has become famous over the year, they were too expensive when they were first introduced, so game developers never really showed interest in making games for Mac.

>Mac is Much Expensive:
  This really isn’t surprising for anyone, people who have used both know that.MacBook Pro costs around  Rs.97545.15, with that price you can get Pc with the way many features, which will be much smoother also for gaming and well you will sell it, you’ll get retailer price around Rs. 26012 to Rs. 32515 on both MAc and Pc so why not go for better? MacBook fanboys will say “it costs more because it holds more value” but some with no brain will choose Expensive Mac when they can get Beast Pc on that price.
>Way Flexible Hardware:
  By that, I mean in hardware flexibility Mac is nowhere near Pc.You can update hardware as you like SSD can be added easily, you can add more RAMs and you can change your graphic card when ever you like and if some thing breaks or stops working, you can just change it or repair it at low cost.With Mac, you can’t do any of this and if something stops working or you want to customize something, it can only be done by > Mac Development is lacking:  For past 2-3 years, Apple really hasn’t shown any interest in MacBooks, they aren’t really improving them just minor upgrades have happened.All apple really focuses on is “IOS” and nothing more than that. On the other hand, Microsoft is really developing windows day by day.Most of the Softwares available in Market support windows, Mac also have much software available but they are nothing when compared to Windows. Freeware is also available for windows users, Pc have Programs around 50,000 Compatible with it and MAc only has around 5,000 which is a huge margin.
>Microsoft Office is everything Mac doesn’t have: Aside from Gaming, mostly people buy Windows PC for Office. It’s perfect for Spreadsheet, also Office has Calendar, presentation programs, and word processor. An office is the one of reliable software to this day.The majority know about Excel and that’s why people prefer it over many programs available in the market.Microsoft does have “Office” available for Mac but it lacks many features which users find annoying and prefer Pc over Mac.
Also, People find Macs easy to use but still everyone has a different mindset and people will buy what they like. But as far as I know, Windows Pc is a better choice.

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how to change folders colours in windows

            Change folder colors in Windows


Ever get tired seeing a sea of yellow folders on your machine ? Whether you like different colors, folder organization or just plain customization, there would have come a time when you would’ve gotten bored with the monotonous nature of the windows explorer. Mac OS fortunately allows its users to make changes to folders, but Windows lacks it. Fortunately for us though, we live in the internet age. So when users asked for a way to change folder colors and style, Microsoft may not have heard, but quite a few other people did. Quite a few software now exist, that will let you change the color and style of the folder icons. Today, we show you one of these – Folderico.

First thing you’ll need, is the software itself. You can download it from the following   Once downloaded, unzip the file. Once it is installed successfully. Click on Finish Button then go to Folderico folder and double click on folderico.exe file.

Small one to see but how its works in your computer.

In a computer, a jumper is a pair of prongs that are electrical contact points set into the computer motherboard or an adapter card . When you set a jumper, you place a plug on the prongs that completes a contact.

In effect, the jumper acts as a switch by closing (or opening) an electrical circuit. Jumpers can be added or removed to change the function or performance of a PC component. A group of jumpers is sometimes called a jumper block .

The plug and play initiative was designed so that users did not have to deal with jumpers. Today, computers come with preset jumpers, although some manufacturers provide jumper settings in the instruction manual so that the owner can reset the jumpers if they want to customize performance.

In electronic test equipment, a jumper cable is used to make a temporary contact between two points for the purpose of testing a circuit

-sunilkumar choudari


WHATSAPP GROUP: https://chat.whatsapp…

Spam messages with suspicious link detection feature in whatsapp.

Spam messages with suspicious link detection feature in whatsapp.
This new feature in Whatstapp is very dangerous!

Whatsapp Suspicious link detection

Particularly in Watsup, many dangerous links are circular today. Clicking on them will be in danger. For instance, the F Big Bajar company is offering a shoping vocher worth of 5000 rupees in the case of 17th anniversary , and a message will be circular in Whatsapp. See how the official website link will be viewed, as well as the link looks the same way most people click on it blindly before thinking back.

It's also a phishing attack that will steal your personal information immediately. In many cases, the most popular type of business companies and websites are circled by many dangerous links via Whatsapp. The newly launched Suspicious Link Detection has been introduced to Watsup to prevent this. Whatsapp Beta 2.18.206 version is available for users who use it.

Whatsapp will now see each link that is shared by Whatsapp, and closely …