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How to Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser

How to Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser.?

By  sunilkumar choudari.

 Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser

Now you can Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser that is sometimes too annoying that you can’t handle that. So have a look at the guide that will help you to stop it using simple tools that we had discussed below.

GIFs made the trend and set the people all to go crazy to utilize these for the happier, emotional or joyful conversations. Basically, the GIFs are shown on the social media where people use to surf, these are also available on the internet too. These moving images are like a short clip that contains some moments that deliver a sort of message. Actually, we are writing this article to tell you all about one thing regarding the behavior of GIFs, these moving images start to play automatically in the browsers and even the social media’s whenever the user scrolls over it. The reason for that is not the GIFs configuration but the preferences of the Browsers. While it is a handy feature that enables the faster browsing but it is certainly not liked by some users, maybe for different reasons. It could be hard to find the way to stop this auto-playing of the GIFs on the browsers as there are no direct options available, and if the options are there then users would probably remain confused about it (New Feature). To help out the willing users achieve the way to stop the auto-playing GIFs we have written the full guide in this post. If you are keen to know about the method or the way for that then please go and read the full article down till end!

1 How to Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser1.1 #1 Google Chrome1.2 #2 Mozilla Firefox1.3 #3 Opera1.4 #4 Safari1.5 

Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser

This is the web browser used by most of the people, and to let all those people using this browser stop the auto-playing of the GIFs, they need to install a particular extension for that. Actually, there are numerous extensions for the purpose but we believe and trust in only “GIF jam” or “GIF Delayer“. Both these plugins or extensions block the GIFs while showing only the first frame for these sort of media. If you have the extension enabled then you won’t see any GIFs playing but in case if you want the GIFs to play again then simply disable the Extension you have installed.

#2 Mozilla Firefox

Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser

This is the best competitor to the Google Chrome and it contains almost alike features, and the ability to install extensions is also available on this browser. To stop the GIFs playback on the Mozilla Firefox you need to install the extension named Toggle Animated GIFs. This extension works similarly to the extension described in Google Chrome.

#3 Opera

Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser

Hit the icon of the installed extension named GIF blocker on the Opera browser. You must have got what we are to say and tell you. Simply use this extension inside your browser and then toggle enable the GIFs autoplay back on or off by clicking on the extension icon placed above on the taskbar. Rather you could also find various other extensions to obtain the same functionality but preferably you should go for the GIF-Blocker only.

#4 Safari

Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser

This browser is lagging behind in this value, the reason is that it has only working and potential extension to stop the auto-playing of the GIFs. And that particular extension was updated almost 6 years back only and there are no chances that it would play up on the latest browsers. The name of the extension isDeanimator. Maybe you could also find some better extension than this one, if it is so then please do inform us about that!

 Stopping the auto-playing of the GIFs don’t mean that you have lost the ability to view the GIFs on your browsers, you can still grasp the moments hidden behind the frame through clicking on the particular GIF. This will quickly start up the playback. And if you are not happy with the blocked auto-playing of gifts then you could also revert the changes made by the above method. At last, we just have one thing to say, go and apply the method and thereafter attain the benefits from it. 

We hope that you would have liked this article. Please share and comment about your opinions on the comments section below.


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-sunilkumar choudari


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