sunilumar choudari

How to reset BIOS settings to default on your computer.?

BIOS which is called as the Basic Input and Output System is the basic system behind our PCs and laptops booting process. Our systems very normally and casually perform the boot process every time we switch on our devices. But what if something corrupts this process and prohibits our system from booting, this may turn into a terrifying problem as you don’t actually know how to proceed when your computer doesn’t start at all.
There may be a number of reasons for this problem, and if you ever happen to encounter this kind of a situation, here are the simple steps that you can try to reset your BIOS settings
You need to turn on the computer first and then keep on tapping either F2, F12, or delete key to access the BIOS or UEFI. UEFI is the newer version of BIOSand it offersOnce you see that open, you can see the option Setup Defaults at the bottom, click F9 which works many PCs, then it will ask for confirmation, just click yesIn case you don’t find that option, then you can find the option Restore Factory Defaults under the security tabClearing the BIOS and setting them to their Factory Defaultswillwill remove any kind of changes that you have made, so remember that
After resetting, just save and then exit to make those changes effect.